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Our Services

Here at Prime consultants we are maintaining a very specialized expertise in the field of Planning, Designing & Execution of the projects & are able to provide experienced & quality services from Concept to Commissioning which includes Design, Planning, Interiors & Turnkey execution of jobs for various types of projects for Industrial, Commercial & Residential buildings.

We have complete computerized Design office with facilities, which include
  • STADD-PRO-software developed by NASA (U.S.A) for Structural design of R.C.C as well as Steel buildings considering Earth Quake & Wind loads as per IS-456, IS-800, and IS- 1893, IS-13920.
  • STADD- e.t.c-for design of all types of Raft, Piles, Grade Beams, Individual footings, Retaining wall, one way, two way slabs, machinery foundations etc.
  • Software for rendering of Elevations & Interiors.
  • HP-500 & HP-430 Plotter including HP-1180c for engineering application.

Special Services

In the Industrial & Commercial segment PC has a very strong presence in the Design + Build format for Turnkey projects for our select & limited clients. We provide Project management services on case to case basis.